Thoughts from Romans

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Romans Overview

Believing the #Gospel produces #DeepRoots resulting in changed thinking and living.

Discovering the #Truth will change your thinking and living.

A Culture engaged with #GodsGospel is guided to be transformed by it.

How will I engage the culture in #GospelPower with the goal of transforming it?

” For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes: first to the Jew, then to the Gentile. For in the gospel the righteousness of God is revealed—a righteousness that is by faith from first to last, just as it is written: “The righteous will live by faith.” (Romans 1:16-17)

#GroundedintheGospel #TransformedbyTruth #GospelPower

#GodsGospel calls sinners to belong to His loved and holy people.

#GodsGospel transforms sinners creating a desire to love and encourage others.

Christ’s righteousness is the saving power of #GodsGospel. #GospelPower

Will you join God on mission with Him?

Romans 1:1-17


Romans 1:18-32

#TruthRepressed God’s wrath is purposeful and drives us to #GodsGospel.

#TruthReplaced God’s wrath reminds sinful humanity that He will not be replaced by anything or anyone.

#TruthRejected God’s wrath reveals our responsibility to pursue our Just Creator.

How will your response to God’s Wrath result in the transformation of your mind, heart, and then the culture around you?


How can you tell if you have a heart that beats for God? 

We can always know that #GodsGospel transforms the repentant heart.  He is the only one that can take our self-righteousness and give us His righteousness.  The root issue of Romans 2 is Self-Righteousness vs. God-righteousness…. the question is which righteousness describes you?

#God’s Grace leads His people to repentance.

God’s Character declares He does RIGHT in all places, at all times and with all people.

#GodsGospel transforms #AnApproachableHeart.

#HopelesswithoutJesus #InfectedbySin

What is the answer to the problem of human sin?

Confession: I am hopeless without Jesus, I am infected with sin, yet I want to lean on #GospelPower instead of Sin’s Power.  Who can help me? #JesusismyRescue

Romans 3:1-20

Hopeless (Desperate) #GospelPower increases my longing for Christ’s Righteousness instead of self-righteousness. 

Helpless (Weak) #GospelPower increases hatred for sin’s power in me and in the world. 

What is #GospelPower? #GospelPower directs my leaning into Christ’s Righteousness.  I discover that when I lean on #GospelPower I am leaning on Christ’s Righteousness.


How does God save sinners?

God is actively saving those who believe Jesus satisfied His wrath against sinful humanity.  His saving righteousness is found in the person and finished work of Jesus Christ provided on the Cross.  How is this righteousness given?  God gives you (imputes) the righteousness of Christ.  #GospelPower

Romans 3:21-26

Righteousness Received God offers His #SavingRighteousness in the person of Jesus Christ.

Righteousness Explained God’s #SavingRighteousness must be centered in the finished work of Jesus Christ.

How has the Cross transformed your thinking and living?

What does #WalkingbyFaith look like in your life?

Faith excludes boasting, affirms one God, and upholds Law.  Walking in Faith reveals God’s grace to the world.  It involves #GospelPower, which is standing in Christ’s Righteousness. Faith is the hand of the heart that receives what God offers in Christ.  Gos is the source, Jesus is the way, and faith is the means to receive His Saving Righteousness.

Romans 3:27-31

One Faith #SavingFaith looks to Jesus Christ and His Work on the Cross, Nothing else!

One God #SavingFaith results in knowing Jesus Christ is the One True Living God.

One Law #SavingFaith supports God’s Truth through OBEDIENCE.

“Yet he did not waver through unbelief regarding the promise of God, but was strengthened in his faith and gave glory to God, being fully persuaded that God had power to do what He has promised.”   (Romans 4:20-21)

 How are you moving forward in Grace, in Hope, and in Power as you are #WalkingbyFaith?

Romans 4

Faith, Not Works

Faith #GroundedintheGospel moves believers forward in Grace.

Faith, Not Privileges

Faith #GroundedintheGospel believes and receives God’s promise.

Faith, Not Sight

Faith #GroundedintheGospel matures from strength to strength.

What would our culture look like if we moved forward as believers in Grace, in Hope, and in Power…. as we loved deeply, listen carefully and lead purposefully? 

What would your home look like?  What would your workplace look like?  What would your neighborhood look like?  What would your church look like?

#PeaceWithGod #StandinGrace #HopeintheGloryofGod

Reconciliation gives us access to God while we stand in His Favor, through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Romans 5:1-11

Changed Perspective #Reconciliation radically changes the perspective in our relationship with #God.

Confident Proof #Reconciliation gives believers confidence in #God’s Limitless Love.

How will you love deeply, listen carefully and lead purposefully in our broken world?

Tragedy and Triumph

Romans 5:12-21

#InfectedbySin #StandinGrace #GraceWins

All humanity is held captive by Adam’s sin and its consequences.

How do my choices reveal what I really believe about God?

Grace empowers believers with Christ’s righteousness. 

How is God’s Grace empowering my choices?

Dead to Sin, Alive in Christ

Romans 6:1-11

New Identity

A transformed life is evidence of a new identity.

Where am I resisting God’s transformation in my life? What is still inside of me that identifies with my old self?

New Power and Mindset

A transformed mind enables a believer to experience God’s power.

How does the way I perceive the world and humanity reflect that I serve an all-powerful God?


Romans 6:12-23

Redemption frees us from sin, and allows us to live for God in Christ righteousness.

Our Condition

God’s grace frees us to live a life of righteousness.

Our Master

Freedom from sin’s power enables us to serve God with our whole heart.

Our Destiny

Slavery to God frees us from eternal death, and allows us to experience eternal life now!


#TheSinStruggleisReal #JesusisMyRescue

 Romans 7

The sin struggle is real, yet not hopeless.  It does not end in despair but in Rescue.  Those who are being sanctified will struggle between their desires and actions.  As you read the Bible, God will reveal Himself and the Holy Spirit will quicken your mind with ways you are living in holiness and ways you are not.  What sins do you need to repent of? Ask Jesus, who is your Rescue to repair your thinking and replace it with His thinking.  To repair is to restore by replacing a part or putting together what is torn or broken.  Where are you torn or broken?  #JesusisMyRescue

“What a wretched man I am! Who will rescue me from this body that is subject to death? Thanks be to God, who delivers me through Jesus Christ our Lord!” (Romans 7: 24-25a)

I Belong to Christ

#Believers identify and confront (tackle) sin empowered by the Holy Spirit.

I Battle with Sin

#Believers’ tension between our sin natures and our redeemed selves is lifelong, but our rescue is found in Jesus Christ.

The Struggle is Real… but so is my God!


Where do you need to rest in #GospelPower and #HolySpiritReality?

Romans 8:1-17

Believers are given a new life with new obligations, which is to live empowered by the #HolySpirit.

New Life #Believers’ minds are alive to #God; therefore they live in #HolySpiritReality (Life Through the Spirit).

New Obligation Life Through the Spirit (#HolySpiritReality) becomes increasingly natural for #God’s children.


How are recognizing that Jesus lives in you?

How do we find hope in the midst of pain and suffering?

Romans 8:18-27

Hope in faith moves forward through suffering covered in future glory and sweet prayer…

#FutureGlory #HolySpiritReality #Restoration

Hope through Suffering #Believers move forward through suffering because of God’s promised resurrection and renewal.

Hope through Prayer #Believers move forward protected in prayer because we belong to God.

What is suffering accomplishing in my life right now?

Suffering reminds me that I have a soul as well as a body-an immortal soul that will live forever in happiness or in misery

Suffering teaches us that there is a world, a reality beyond what we see.  This world is a training place for another dwelling place where there is no decay, no sorrow, no tears, no misery and no sin.

Suffering helps us to reflect on our past lives honestly, fairly, and conscientiously, making sure we belong to God.

Suffering helps us to see the emptiness of the world and its inability to satisfy the highest and deepest needs of our inner being, our souls.

Suffering will send us to God’s Word and the Truths that we encounter will be transforming our thinking with ever-increasing glory.

Suffering will send us to our knees and make us pray… Suffering can bring reflection, repentance and repair all the broken parts on the inside.  God is all about restoring and replacing what is torn and broken.

Suffering draws us nearer to Jesus Christ because He has already been there.  He knows the pain, the sorrow, and the rejection that you may be feeling.

Suffering also gives us empathy and tears down barriers to people that are not like you.  You learn to share in their suffering.

Suffering is a blessing in disguise; a good and not an evil; a friend and not an enemy.  Suffering magnifies God in your life.

Taken from Christ in the Sick Room by JC Ryle

What suffering are you going through right now that God wants to use in your life for His purpose, for your good, and for His Glory?

Secure in God’s Love

Romans 8:28-39


God’s Work #God works for believer’s eternal identity and destiny in ALL Things! 

God’s Love #God’s people are perfectly secure in His love for eternity. 

NO Thing can separate you from God’s LOVE because you belong to Him and He belongs to you….

How secure are we?

Your suffering cannot separate you from Christ and His Love.

Your heart-break cannot separate you from Christ and His Love.

Your pain cannot separate you from Christ and His Love.

Your loneliness cannot separate you from Christ and His Love.

Your sin cannot separate you from Christ and His Love.

Your handicap cannot separate you from Christ and His Love.

Your illness cannot separate you from Christ and His Love.

Your job loss cannot separate you from Christ and His Love.

Your depression cannot separate you from Christ and His Love.

So what will you do and how sill you live knowing this?

Host fast… God’s love is like Himself… unchangeable, personal, purposeful and all powerful… God’s love is the strongest, steadiest, firmest, most substantial, unbending, constant, uniform and dependable reality more certain that all material creation… (taken from BSF notes Lesson 15 page 6)

Clay in the Potter’s Hand: God’s Sovereignty in Salvation

Romans 9:1-29

God’s Sovereign Love #God’s love in us conditions us to love and extend mercy to all.

God’s Sovereign Choosing (Election) #God assures us of His faithfulness and enables us to have confidence in His purpose and promises.

God’s Sovereign Mercy #God’s glory is displayed in His justice and mercy, which empowers us to trust Him.

God enables believers to have confidence in His faithfulness and peace in His sovereignty.

Our Responsibility in Salvation 

#GospelPower #WalkinFaith

Romans 9:30-10:13

#AnArrogantHeart  Self-Righteousness through Works

God graciously receives His surrendered people just as they are.

What area of your life do you need to surrender to #GospelPower?

#ABelievingHeart  True Righteousness through Faith

#God eagerly receives all who believe in the person and work of Jesus Christ. 

‘Where do you need to #WalkinFaith?

Our Privilege

Romans 10:14-21

Where are you #RunningwithBeautiful Feet?

#GospelFeet trust Jesus while moving forward with His message to the ends of the earth. 

#GospelGrace moves forward in faith while trusting Jesus with the outcome.


Romans 11:1-32

Remnant not Rejection #God always fulfills His prophecies because His plans and His purposes NEVER Change! 

How might you pray and think differently knowing that God will accomplish every promise He has made in scripture?

Riches then Restoration #God’s mercy works with His purposes and plans to save all who will turn to Christ in faith.

Where will you embrace God’s mercy so that Christ might be known among all people?


#GodsGlory compels believers to worship Him as we find Him and whenever we find Him.  Worship is that moment when in your finite human nature you realize the magnitude of who God is.  Worship happens all the time.  It is the present reality for all believers.

#GodsGlory is the total of all His attributes.  God displayed His glory in the beauty and wisdom of His creation  Throughout history, God has revealed His glory to His people through His power, mercy, grace, judgment, holiness, love and every other attribute.

In the Old Testament God was symbolically present with His people in the Glory cloud.  This cloud, known as the Shekinah glory, guided His people in the wilderness and filled the tabernacle and later the temple.

The Lord Jesus Christ reveals God’s glory completely.

As our Father, the One who has created us… God sustains and provides for all He has made, but He is the Father only of those who believe in His Son, Jesus Christ.

He gives us His Spirit, adopts us into HIs family and makes us HIs children.  He has a loving relationship that lasts forever with every believer.  He speaks to us personally through His Word the Bible, and we speak to Him in prayer.  Speaking with God is worship.

Even the best human father has flaws but God is always good, wise, and loving.  God loves, protects, cares for, trains, and disciplines His children.

God is Above Comprehension

God is Above Inquiry

God is Above All

Romans 11:33-36

Above Comprehension #GodsGlory compels my mind to worship Him because He knows infinitely more than I can ever imagine.

Above Inquiry #GodsGlory reminds us that God does not need us; we need Him.

Above All #GodsGlory compels believers to worship Him with whole hearts.

How are you worshiping God whenever and wherever you find Him through your prayer and obedience?

#RealWorship Results in #RealLiving

Romans 12:1-2

#RealWorship involves every aspect of your life.

Real Worship involves your mind and heart.

Real Worship includes repentance.

Real Worship involves displaying the mercies of God to everyone you encounter.

Real worship is serving God everywhere you are.

#RealLiving is transformational and enables us to experience God’s purposes and plans for our lives.

Real Living looks like Right Thinking

So how does a person’s thinking change?  Repentance!

Repentance means to rethink.  We begin to rethink things or change our minds, then our minds are renewed.

What wrong thinking needs to be replaces with God’s Right Thinking as you engage the Truth?

The Right Perspective

God uniquely equips every believer with a spiritual gift to be used for the good of the body.

Romans 12:3-8

The Right Perspective of Oneself

A mind set on God’s grace has a humble view of oneself.

The Right Perspective of the Body of Christ

Every believer has a function in the church.

The Right Perspective of our Spiritual Gifts

God gives each believer a spiritual gift for the benefit of the church.


Romans 12:9-21

Serving others is guided by Christlike love….

#LovesActions #SincereLove adjusts to the needs of others and is demonstrated by actions and attitudes.

#LovesResults #SincereLove is costly and overcomes evil with good.

God promises Transformed Relationships for all His people….

What relationship would you ask Jesus to transform in your world today?


Romans 13:1-7

#GroundedintheGospel #TransformedbyTruth

#God’s servants ultimately fulfill His plans and purposes for the good of His people and for His glory.

 #God’s Sovereignty prompts the believers’ submission while honoring His authority in all things. 

All people and all powers are subject to God’s established authorities.

How will you live today in light of God’s authority?

#PowerOfLove #WakeUp #SuitUp

Romans 13:8-14

Put on Christ’s Love When we put on Christ’s love, we reflect His love to everyone.

Put on the Armor of Light When we put on the armor of light, we reflect Christ to the world. 

What are you wearing?

Christian Liberty


Romans 14

Embracing Diversity #Believers accept each other in Christ because ALL are accountable to God.

Cultivating Community #Believers limit their personal liberty in Christ because of #SincereLove.

Where do you need to be the change you want to see in the world?

Believers maintain #UnityinDiversity by exposing #SincereLove to an unbelieving world.


Romans 15:1-13

God commands all believers to be unified, and He supernaturally enables that unity when we earnestly seek to become like Him daily.

The Progression Towards Unity

Our cooperation with the Holy Spirit, to become like Christ, supernaturally creates unity between ourselves and other believers.

The Purpose and Power of Unity

God’s glory is multiplied when a diverse body of believers are united around His Word.

Where do you need to rely supernaturally on the Holy Spirit?


Romans 15:14-33

Unity in the Body of Christ looks like….

Believers passionately serving Christ while covered in prayer.

#PassionateforJesus Passionate believers equipped with #GospelPower change the world!

#CoveredinPrayer #Believers make #GodSpace plans supported by prayer that flow from a passion for Him and others.

How has the study of Romans equipped you to change your world?


#GospelPeople live #Gospelminded established by #GospelPower

Romans 16

#GospelPeople are called to live transformed lives in community with others.

#GospelMinded believers are established by #GospelPower and obedience that comes from faith.

How has your living and thinking been changed as a result of the Book of Romans?

To God Be the Glory