Infinite Worship


Heavenly worship is constant worship, so how can my worship be true and result in devoted God-directed daily living?  The apostle John describes four living creatures that worship God day and night in Revelation Chapter Four. 

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Reflecting the Fullness of Christ


How do we learn to see Jesus in all His fullness? Over the last few weeks of the study of the Churches of Revelation we have seen our picture of the deity and humanity of

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A Fresh Encounter


The blessing of studying the Bible is found in a satisfying and personal relationship in Christ alone.  He is the center of all Truth. In the Revelation given to the Apostle John, we see John's

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Fostering an Eternal Perspective


How can we foster an eternal perspective in our broken world? John gives us a beautiful picture of the centrality of God throughout the book of Revelation, here is where we see the wonder of

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Where will your life be anchored in the midst of a broken world?


In a broad sense prophecy means to communicate God's truth with God's power.  The joy of studying prophecy is realizing that God is confiding His Truth to you for your good and His glory.  Jesus

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How will you keep #Jesusatthecenter of your Bible study?


How will you keep #Jesusatthecenter of your Bible Study? The Bible reveals God so that His people can know Him and worship Him.  When you open your Bible to study, do you know you are

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