Principles from Matthew

Welcome to Matthew…

Which Jesus do you follow?
Following the Jesus revealed in the Bible will result in passionate commitment to the Truth that He is God the Son.
Jesus is God… Immanuel, Messiah, and King…

What does it look like to follow Jesus?
Followers of the Jesus revealed in the Bible will journey with Him showing compassion for His people…
We are not just called to come without being commanded to go.

How will you get there?
Diligently seeking God in His Word results in soul satisfaction.

What will it look like?
Daily seeking the Truth will result in seeing Jesus and experiencing a transformed life.

Matthew 1

Jesus, Messiah
God’s purposes and plans include all people.
God works through human history to reveal Himself to all people giving order to life.

Jesus, Savior
God’s purpose includes rebirth through the Holy Spirit giving genuine rest.

Jesus, Immanuel
God promises His presence and that propels us to obedience.

Matthew 2

Seeking Jesus involves watching Him at work around you, them moving where He is. 

When we find Jesus we are to worship Him.

Seeking Jesus involves listening to His voice and following His guidance.

Matthew 3

The Messenger

True repentance requires genuine turning away from sin and toward God.

The  Message

True repentance prepares the way for a life empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Matthew 4

The Temptation

Following the Truth transforms your thinking and gives you the way out of the temptations you face!

The Task

Empowered service begins with following Jesus faithfully, then leading others to Him!

Matthew 5:1-16

Believer’s Inner Life

God requires an inner heart attitude that reflects your relationship with Him and kingdom principles.

Believer’s Outer Life

God requires outward obedience to kingdom principles that are worked out into your relationship with others.

Believer’s Godly Influence

When the inner and outer life of the believer are lined up with Christ’s character we will influence others.

Matthew 5:17-48

The Heart of the Matter

God’s righteousness involves the whole person; His standards are perfect and absolute.

The Matter of the Heart

God’s purpose for you is to love Him completely… heart, soul, mind, and body.

Matthew 6

What is your motivation for serving?

Right motives come from the inner reality of a genuine and contrite heart lived out in a vibrant relationship with Christ.

The Father looks for genuine and contrite hearts so that He can reward them.

What is your focus for living?

Right focus is single hearted devotion to serving God or He is not served at all.

Singleness of mind and singleness of heart are God’s requirements for eternal treasure.

What is your attitude for living?

A right attitude as God’s child is to live a worry free life in His care.

Worry is a lack of faith in God’s care.

Matthew 7

How can we make sense of the world?

Spiritual Discernment…

…the kingdom of heaven is based on rational thinking that gives spiritual discernment…

Spiritual Discernment…

…begins where judgment is needed the most…with me.

Spiritual Discernment…

…requires clear vision.

Wise believers are prepared to discern the truth through self-evaluation.

Take off your lack of love and put on Christ’s love.

Take off your bitterness and put on His tenderness.

Take off your pride and put on Christ’s humility.

Take off your selfishness and put on death to self.

Take off your anger and put on self-control.

Take off your idle words and put on a tame tongue.

Take off your complacency and put on diligence.

Take off your worry and put on trust.

Take off your discontent and put on satisfaction.

What sin must you remove to put on Christ’s righteousness?

Your Heavenly Father already sees you in Christ’s clothes… You have a beautiful new garment.

Confident believers are reassured through prayers to their Father.

Alert believers are capable of detecting destructive ideas that matter eternally.

Spiritual discernment…

…requires choosing God’s way not the easy way.

…requires fruit bearing that conforms to righteousness, humility, purity, trust, prayer-fulness, and obedience to Jesus’ words.

…requires vigilant heart inspection.

…is found by building a foundation in God’s Word, which reveals the person and the work of Jesus Christ.

 Will you be a world-watcher or a world-changer?

Matthew 8

Two Worlds Collide

How do we make sense of the world?

Spiritual Discernment

How can we see the differences?


Faith openly recognizes our helplessness and seeks help from God.

Faith requires total commitment to follow after Christ.

Faith sees God’s power and authority in the midst of the storms of your life.

Faith reveals the divine power and authority of Christ to remove evil.

Matthew 9:1-34

Faith opens your eyes to God’s work in you and around you.

Forgiven sinners are empowered to walk in newness of life.

Called sinners are empowered to give up the old self-centered ways and follow after Christ.

Revived sinners are empowered to live a restored life.

What might need to change in your life so that Jesus is real to you and that you recognize His power in you and around you?

 Matthew 9:35-10

The Lord of the Harvest

When Jesus call His disciples to serve Him, He equips, instructs and provides.
Followers of Christ will experience persecution but can persevere through dependence on Him.
Following Christ requires denying self so you can bring the gospel to others. 

Matthew 11-12

Who do you say that Jesus is and what will you do about it?


Those who respond to the knowledge of Jesus with belief are no longer perplexed by life and find eternal rest.


Those who respond to the knowledge of Jesus with unbelief remain rebellious and discontent.

Matthew 13

Knowing (10-17;34-35)

Parables reveal or conceal truths, depending on your heartfelt desire to understand.

Growing (1-9;18-23)

The secret of a productive life for Christ is your willingness to deeply apply the truths you hear from His Word.

Living (24-30;36-43)

Counterfeit Christians are planted by the devil, but they are used for God’s purpose.

Matthew 13

Power of the Truth: (31-35)

God’s work and purposes are underestimated but unstoppable!

Priority of the Truth: (44-46)

Nothing in your life matters more than Jesus.

Presence of the Truth: (47-58)

The supreme issue in life is the reality of Christ and His kingdom.

Unbelief blinds us to spiritual realities and robs us of spiritual power.

Matthew 14

Standing in Christ alone takes away fear and strengthens those who belong to Him.

A compassionate heart sustains those who belong to Jesus.

Storms can result in unshakeable faith along with the realization of who Jesus is.

Matthew 15


Changed (1-20)

Heart transformation begins when we recognize that it is sin that separates us from God.

Personal transformation begins with a changed heart that recognizes its sin…

Responsive (21-28)

Heart transformation occurs when Christ alone is the object of one’s faith.

Cultural transformation begins when we recognize it is His grace that answers the responsive heart…

Hungry (29-39)

A transformed heart equips believers with Christ-like compassion for others.

Social transformation begins when every opportunity is used to bring the truth to others…

Matthew 16 and 17

How can I know that I am growing in my faith?

Spiritual growth results from self-denial, correct responses to God’s glory, and moving mountains…

Spiritual Growth…

comes from a succession of daily decisions to obey Christ and refuse to please yourself.

to experience Spiritual Growth…

your correct response to a glimpse of God’s glory is worship and obedience.

Spiritual Growth…

results when mountains are moved in ministry.

Matthew 18

Christians are to be humble and not cause others to stumble.
Christians are to lovingly and humbly confront a sinning brother, seeking restoration and unity.
Christians are to forgive others because God has forgiven us.

Matthew 19:1-22

Be Selfless

God expects His people to honor all relationships he has established, this requires selflessness.

The most important thing for you to do is to bring the next generation to Christ.

The ultimate relationship is whole-hearted commitment to Jesus as Lord and Savior…

this is the only relationship that completely satisfies.

Matthew 19:23-21:16

…grace flows to and fills up the lowest places… it is unlimited, it sustains and serves, it cleanses the children of the King…

God is infinitely generous and gracious and will always give us better than we deserve.

The key to greatness is not found in position or power, but in God’s grace that sustains His servants.

Cleansing grace guards the worship of King Jesus.

Matthew 21:18-22:14

Authentic believers respond to Truth with repentance and transformation.

Authentic believers rely on the Truth to produce fruit.

Authentic believers wear Christ’s righteousness.

God expects authentic belief and active commitment from His followers…

Are you an authentic believer?

Matthew 22:15-23:40

When God is first in my life…my heart, my soul, my mind, and my strength will respond to Him….completely.

When God is first in my life… I will respond to the needs of others as well.

Jesus is the human son of King David and He is the divine Son of God.

God longs to protect His children from the inevitable results of disobedience and sin.

Matthew 24

Will you begin to think, at least once a day, that Jesus really is coming back?

Persecution, calamity, and false teaching will isolate (separate you from the culture) believers before Jesus returns.

Jesus’ return will be in person and in power as well as obvious to everyone.

A true servant of Christ will be found wise and faithful when He returns.

Matthew 25

What does a relationship with Jesus look like?

A personal relationship with Christ through receiving the Holy Spirit is necessary to enter the kingdom of heaven.

A faithful servant will be found investing what has been entrusted to them when Jesus returns.

Believers will enjoy Christ’s kingdom on earth and have the pleasure of eternity in His presence.

Unbelievers will face eternal punishment.

Matthew 26:1-44

Obedience to God means making a series of choices that move you in His direction… closer and closer to His will for your life… it requires complete commitment…

Listening and believing Jesus results in a display of committed and extravagant love.

Listening and not believing Jesus results in mistrust and betrayal.

Jesus Christ has redeemed humanity and will redeem ALL of His Creation when He returns.

The complete commitment of Jesus empowers our complete commitment to Him…through spiritual victory and suffering.

Jesus, fully human, yielded Himself to His Father’s purposes and plans.

Matthew 26:45-27:31

Who is Jesus and what will you do with Him?

Our actions and attitudes…

reveal hearts that either cares more for Self or more for God’s Glory.

reveal hearts that either love Jesus or hate Him!

reveal hearts that either act on the Truth or neglect the Truth….

Matthew 27:32-66

The horror of my sin caused the death of Jesus, the unique Son of God… the penalty is paid!

The presence of sin in my life died at the cross of Christ.

My sin is buried with Jesus at the tomb… it has NO POWER in my life!

Crucified, Dead, and Buried!

Matthew 28

How will you live today in the power of the resurrection?

Expect Resurrection Power to be at work in all the situations in your life!

Don’t put your trust in anything less than God Himself, embrace Truth!

Base your decisions for ALL aspects of life on what matters the most, get an eternal perspective!

…the same power that gave Jesus victory over death gives believers victory in life!

Empty Tomb


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