Principles from Genesis

How do you make sense of the world?

Ideas are being communicated to us from everywhere…Ideas have consequences… and ideas rule the world…

Will you study the book of Genesis fully committed to understand and learn to experience the transforming power of God’s Truth?

Will you ask God to reveal Himself to you in a new way, a deeper way… so that your decisions will be based on who He is ,,, and how you look at the world will be through His eyes, with His mind, and that your hands, your feet, and your mouth will be used for His purposes and not your own?

Disciples are critical thinkers that listen to God and obey what He says.

Disciples develop a vibrant relationship with God through the transforming power of the Bible.

Disciples learn continually through prayer, bible study, and serving.

Genesis 1

Who is God? What is He like?

The Incomprehensible , Incomparable God has shown Himself  real and available.

How did God create?

By His Word… Science and the Bible ultimately will not conflict.

What is the Bottom Line? Why does it Matter?

God has created the heavens and the earth for His Glory and our enjoyment!

Genesis 1

God created Himself as the focal point for our priorities…in our private and public worlds.

God formed the Universe with perfect planning.

God filled the Universe giving life with purpose.

Genesis 1:26-2:25

Worship is learning holiness while resting in God.

God delights in His creation, because it displays His Goodness.

God’s Word breathes His Life into your life… and if God is in the center it will be very good.

Genesis 3

When God’s people begin to think like the world they start living like the world.

God is Holy and sin is serious.

For the sake of His character God must judge sin, but for the sake of His Son, God is willing to forgive sin.

Genesis 4

God looks at our offering through faith, and then He judges them acceptable or unacceptable.

An unrepentant heart brings misery and restless wandering.

Spiritual destruction is evident when the main emphasis of life is in the world.

Genesis 4:25-5:32

What does a walk of faith look like in our modern culture?

Great faith means dependence on a great God.

God can be known through a walk of faith.

Faith requires obedience to God in the midst of a disobedient world.

Will your family be part of the remnant that believes God leaving a legacy of faith?

Genesis 6:1-8:19

What happens when God’s warnings are ignored?

Sin spirals downward beginning with compromise; goes on to corruption; and ends in condemnation.

What does it look like to be different from the rest of the world?

God’s future judgment will be historical, universal, and will come suddenly, but not without warning.

What does it mean to be remembered by God?

God’s faithful remembrance is seen in His past and in His present provision.

God’s Providence is His constant care for and His absolute rule over all His creation for His own glory and the good of His people… God’s glory is displayed in all His attributes…

Genesis 8:20-9:29

God is life and He establishes its value by His hands.

God establishes new life with new beginnings.

God’s love restores the sinner.

Do you realize that God’s character would have remained in Himself had He not created the Universe?

Genesis 10-11

The desire for personal recognition fuels disobedience to God.

God sets a limit on wickedness.

Those who belong to the Lord desire to make His name famous.

Genesis 12-50

Life of Abraham

Faith begins with knowing God as He reveals Himself.

Faith continues with a deeper understanding of who God is and what He can do.

Faith is completed when we see God face to face.

Genesis 12:1-13:4

Obedience to God always occurs out of trust in God.  In other words, we obey God because we believes that He knows what is best.

The life of faith must never stand still; if your feet are going, your faith is growing.

If you have disobeyed and God is disciplining you… go back to the place where you left Him and make things right.

Are you trying to follow God with your own agenda, your own ambitions?

Genesis 13:5-18

What does it look like to walk with God?

Be humble before the Lord and each other showing them what it means to walk with God.

Be selfless before the Lord and each other showing them what it means to walk with God.

Be reassured by God and discover what it means to walk the length and breadth of His promises.

Do I walk with God? Or do I walk with the world?

Genesis 14

Believers fight spiritual battles by standing in God’s armor and in His Word.

Believers fight spiritual battles engaging the enemy through training, with unity, and in confidence.

Believers are strengthened through worship and the assurance of God’s presence.

There can be no growth without challenge and there can be no challenge without change.

Genesis 15

Sinful men are counted righteous by grace through faith in the Word of God.

Belief in God is manifested through active obedience.

Belief in God means embracing His promises.

Genesis 16-17

Whenever we run ahead of God, there is trouble; true faith WAITS God’s time.

Whenever we run away from God we will discover that His words have power to move us back into the safety of His will.

God’s sovereignty means that He initiates, follows through, and fulfills His purpose in His timing and way.

Running with God means immediate and complete obedience.

Would you take time to ask God about His timing and His plans for your life?

Genesis 18-19

Sodom and Gomorrah

God keeps His promises. Nothing is impossible with God.

God listens to our prayers. Believers are to intercede for others.

Judgment is coming. We need to heed God’s warnings.

Genesis 20-21

What happens when we slip?

Persistent sins are always a danger; they stem from love of self; they hurt others; and we tend to excuse them rather than confess them.

Why do I struggle with sin?  Why is there tension in my life?

A life of faith in God yields ultimate joy, but the path is often through great pain.

What are God’s plans for me?

God’s plans for your life include His Faithfulness, His Truth, and His Peace.

Genesis 22-23

Will you trust God in the test?

A believer’s active faith shows up in obedience without question.

Will you watch for God to show up?

A believer’s active faith looks for God’s provision.

Will you show your faith by transformed thinking?

A believer’s greatest demonstration of faith is in living a transformed life today.

Genesis 24:1-25:18

Believers are to seek God’s guidance in all matters.

After prayer, LOOK for God’s direction.

Believers should act on God’s guidance immediately and trust Him for the consequences.

Believers who receive God’s promises with His love will not be disappointed.

Genesis 25:19-28:9

How does my faith show dependency on God?

Consistent faith is dependent on God to fulfill His promises.

How do you face adversity, despair, and opposition?

Consistent faith is patient in the face of adversity.

Where does God need to change your thinking about your preferences?

Consistent faith puts God’s will above personal preference.

Genesis 25:19-34

Believers choose to know God through prayer and by studying His Word.

The tinsel of worldly pleasures obscures the vision of the Glory of God.

Genesis 27-28

What does it mean that God’s presence is right here?

Surely the Presence of the Lord is in this place;

I can feel God’s mighty power and grace;

And I hear the brush of angel’s wings,

I see glory on each face;

Surely the presence of the Lord is in this place.

Truth is never nullified or abolished by compromise and wrongdoing.

Truth never changes, it gains strength under pressure.

Is truth always true, or is it a matter of personal opinion?

God uses discipline to show us His Righteousness.

When God delivers us from unrighteousness, He expects our commitment to Him and His principles.

How will you respond to God’s revelation of Himself in the midst of your unrighteousness?

Will you respond with a willing heart… will you make a wholehearted commitment to God?

Will you choose to honor Him above all else?

Will you choose to honor Him above your selfish desires and your poor behavior?

What have you discovered about God’s presence in your life?

Genesis 29-31

Making sense of life is challenging…

Why are these people in my life?

Why am I in these circumstances?

God uses times of hardship to train His children to trust Him as we learn to wait.

Trust God when you cannot understand the people or the circumstances in your life.

God uses times when you don’t quite understand to train you.

God trains His children to the end.

The only true security is found in the center of God’s purpose for you.

Genesis  32-33

Retreat and Surrender

Surrender your difficult situation to God in prayer, and He will protect you.

Surrender to the Only One who is able to give support and comfort.

Surrender assures God’s power will be experienced in your daily situations.

He provides Protection…

gives Provision …

and offers His Power…

Genesis 34-36

Believers cannot compromise with sin.  God is holy and His people are to be holy.

Sin is God’s to avenge; He will repay.

God forgives and delivers His people.

Genesis 37-38

What does it look like to be so loved by God that He uses you for His purposes and makes you a leader?

God’s Word prepares His people to respond to trials of life.

Uncertainties in life must be weighted against what is certain about God.

God places His children in situations (good and bad) to train us for His USE.

God’s program cannot so easily be set aside.

What would need to change in you to be the leader God is preparing?

What does a leader look like?

“Enoch walked with God 300 years…”  Genesis 5:22

  She walks in step with the Spirit daily.

“But Noah found favor in the eyes of the Lord.”  Genesis 6:8-9

  She experiences grace and favor from God to bless the work of her hands.

“As for you, be fruitful and increase in number, multiply on the earth.”   Genesis 9:7

  She bears much fruit through abiding in Jesus, resulting in increase.

“There he built an altar to the Lord and called on the name of the Lord.”   Genesis 12:8

  She has a strong, steadfast, and consistent prayer life.

“Abram lived in the land of Canaan, while Lot lived among the cities of the plain and pitched his tents near Sodom.”  Genesis 13:12

  She lives within the parameters of God’s promises and says “no” to the world.

“Abram believed the Lord, and he credited it to him as righteousness.”   Genesis 15:6

  She has radical faith, believing God in spite of circumstances to the contrary.

“Shall I hide from Abraham what I am about to do?”  Genesis 18:17

  She experiences friendship with God and participates with Him in His eternal purposes.

“For I have chosen him, so that he will direct his children and his household after him to keep the way of the Lord by doing what is right and just.”  Genesis 18:19

  She is diligent in God’s calling to raise up the next generation.

“Now I know that you fear God, because you have not withheld from me your son, your only son.”  Genesis 22:12

She is wholehearted in her love and obedience to God, holding nothing back.

Genesis 39-40

What does spiritual growth look like?

Regenerative Aging?

…a process that searches for deficiencies in your life, when discovered they are put back according to each individual’s needs…

applied spiritually… God intervenes in your life to find those things that are necessary for you to become a whole person…

He replaces them over time and expects you to grow to maturity because of His involvement!

Believers deliberately choose to trust God.

How do you respond when you face adversity?

God does not forget, His timing is always perfect.  He knows you intimately.

“But blessed is the man who trust me, God, the woman you sticks with God.

They’re like trees replanted in Eden, putting down roots near the rivers_

Never a worry through the hottest of summers, never dropping a leaf,

Serene and calm through droughts, bearing fresh fruit every season. ” (Jeremiah 17:7-8)

What truth about God would stabilize your thoughts when you feel forgotten?

Genesis 41-45

An attitude of humility and obedience are God’s means for happiness.

Forgiveness found in Christ completely blots out all the dirt and ruin of our past, present, and future.

God makes my heart right when I have the right mind-set.

Genesis 46-48

Where else can all the broken people go?

         “May the God before whom my fathers
Abraham and Isaac walked,
the God who has been my shepherd
all my life to this day,
the Angel who has delivered me from all harm
—may he bless these boys.
May they be called by my name
and the names of my fathers Abraham and Isaac,
and may they increase greatly
upon the earth.”

When you know God as your Shepherd…

you listen to His voice…

you trust His guidance…

you flourish in unexpected places…

you encourage the faith of others…

even in the shadow of death…

Not only are you in Jesus’ family… He is at work to help you bear the family image…

How will you show the world that you bear a family resemblance with Christ’s church?

Where else can all the broken people go?

Genesis 49

What should a life look like that belongs to God?

Your character will reflect whether or not you belong to God.

Your actions will reflect to others whether or not you belong to God.

How will your character and your actions reveal that you belong to God and show His grace to others?

Two natures beat within my breast,

The one foul, the one is blest,

The one I love: the one I hate,

The one I feed will dominate!

You are His beloved!

Genesis 50

How now shall we live?

God’s promises are timeless because He is eternal.

God’s perspective is unlimited, clear, and eternal.

When we see life through God’s eyes, He will do for us what we cannot do for ourselves.

God’s purposes are eternal.

The end of one stage in life is the beginning of another.

How will you live in the shadow of eternity?





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