How do we find hope in the midst of pain and suffering?

Romans 8:18-27

Hope in faith moves forward through suffering covered in future glory and sweet prayer…

#FutureGlory #HolySpiritReality #Restoration

Hope through Suffering #Believers move forward through suffering because of God’s promised resurrection and renewal.

Hope through Prayer #Believers move forward protected in prayer because we belong to God.

What is suffering accomplishing in my life right now?

Suffering reminds me that I have a soul as well as a body-an immortal soul that will live forever in happiness or in misery

Suffering teaches us that there is a world, a reality beyond what we see.  This world is a training place for another dwelling place where there is no decay, no sorrow, no tears, no misery and no sin.

Suffering helps us to reflect on our past lives honestly, fairly, and conscientiously, making sure we belong to God.

Suffering helps us to see the emptiness of the world and its inability to satisfy the highest and deepest needs of our inner being, our souls.

Suffering will send us to God’s Word and the Truths that we encounter will be transforming our thinking with ever-increasing glory.

Suffering will send us to our knees and make us pray… Suffering can bring reflection, repentance and repair all the broken parts on the inside.  God is all about restoring and replacing what is torn and broken.

Suffering draws us nearer to Jesus Christ because He has already been there.  He knows the pain, the sorrow, and the rejection that you may be feeling.

Suffering also gives us empathy and tears down barriers to people that are not like you.  You learn to share in their suffering.

Suffering is a blessing in disguise; a good and not an evil; a friend and not an enemy.  Suffering magnifies God in your life.

Taken from Christ in the Sick Room by JC Ryle

What suffering are you going through right now that God wants to use in your life for His purpose, for your good, and for His Glory?