A guide is someone who shows the way by leading, directing, or advising… to lead, to shepherd, or to steer…. God is my Guide… The Bible tells me that He is my lamp and He turns my darkness into light. He makes me lie down where the pastures are green (I probably hadn’t thought about a rest!)… yet I am led by quiet, calm waters… He restores me along the way and guides me along the right path… all this is for His Name’s sake. He teaches me and guides me in His truth. Even when I am blinded by things in the world… He will take me through what is unfamiliar and make the path smooth when it seems to be a little rough. I can learn from Him because His voice will become familiar to me as I follow. I must be a listening lamb…. Following Jesus is reasonable, supernatural, and practical. He gives me His Words, which are truthful and reliable. I can understand who Jesus really is. I can trust that He is able to transform my present reality…. I just need a touch of Ultimate Reality!!!!.