Fostering an Eternal Perspective


How can we foster an eternal perspective in our broken world? John gives us a beautiful picture of the centrality of God throughout the book of Revelation, here is where we see the wonder of

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Where will your life be anchored in the midst of a broken world?


In a broad sense prophecy means to communicate God's truth with God's power.  The joy of studying prophecy is realizing that God is confiding His Truth to you for your good and His glory.  Jesus

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How will you keep #Jesusatthecenter of your Bible study?


How will you keep #Jesusatthecenter of your Bible Study? The Bible reveals God so that His people can know Him and worship Him.  When you open your Bible to study, do you know you are

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Revelation Realities


What realities are found in the Book of the Revelation? A reality is an actuality, real life, or the Real World.  Are they in the Book of Revelation? A revelation is something that God discloses

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Abraham: Following God’s Promise


What does it mean to step out in Faith? Faith in God as He has revealed Himself in the Bible is not without evidence.  Hebrews has told me that I am to be confident of

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The Rest of the Story


A violent earthquake shook the earth, and an angel of the Lord came down from heaven and rolled away the stone that covered the burial place of Jesus.  The appearance of the angel frightened the

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the journey to calvary


Jesus began His journey to Calvary long before He was ever born, but the last week of His life culminated with His cruel crucifixion and the beginning of my life rose with His resurrection. Jesus

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What is prayer?


Prayer is a gift from God that He gives so that His children may enter the Holy of Holies.  Prayer is communicating with God.  Communication includes talking to God and listening to God.  God speaks

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What is a Worldview?


Everyone has a way in which they view the world, to try to define "it" or to teach "it" can become confusing.  There are many perfectly good books and websites out there that it becomes

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finding a voice…


Today I have been thinking about my voice. Have you ever lost yours? Elephants recognize each other by their voices... Sheep recognize their shepherd by their voices... I recognize my loved ones by their voices.

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