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How do we find hope in the midst of pain and suffering? Romans 8:18-27 Hope in faith moves forward through suffering covered in future glory and sweet prayer... #FutureGlory #HolySpiritReality #Restoration Hope through Suffering #Believers move


What does it mean to be rescued, restored, and repurposed?


Each week we have picked up the book of John and looked at each verse pretty intensely…. I never imagined that John sat down and wrote this gospel all at once… it must have taken

What does it mean to be rescued, restored, and repurposed?2017-05-08T21:39:28-05:00

What is it that I am not entrusting to my Sovereign and All-Powerful God?


God's sovereignty provides a secure resting place in the midst of life's chaos. Sovereign means to be supreme in power and above all others.  God is sovereign which means that God is in control of

What is it that I am not entrusting to my Sovereign and All-Powerful God?2019-05-10T23:32:22-05:00

…in another’s place…


What does is mean that Jesus is "The Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world...?" Early in John's gospel we see John the Baptist pointing in the direction of Jesus to

…in another’s place…2019-05-10T23:32:30-05:00

The Names of Jesus in the Gospel of John


Individuals are transformed by knowing the real Jesus and following Him.  The purpose of John's Gospel is to present Jesus, the Messiah, the Son of God by providing his readers with real stories and eyewitness

The Names of Jesus in the Gospel of John2019-05-10T23:32:46-05:00

The Bible is a Divine Library


God's Word transforms lives!  If this is true, then what should my life look like today?  How would my world be different if I truly embraced the words of the Bible? I would be teachable…

The Bible is a Divine Library2019-05-10T23:32:52-05:00

Infinite Worship


Heavenly worship is constant worship, so how can my worship be true and result in devoted God-directed daily living?  The apostle John describes four living creatures that worship God day and night in Revelation Chapter Four. 

Infinite Worship2019-05-10T23:32:58-05:00

Reflecting the Fullness of Christ


How do we learn to see Jesus in all His fullness? Over the last few weeks of the study of the Churches of Revelation we have seen our picture of the deity and humanity of

Reflecting the Fullness of Christ2019-05-10T23:33:11-05:00

A Fresh Encounter


The blessing of studying the Bible is found in a satisfying and personal relationship in Christ alone.  He is the center of all Truth. In the Revelation given to the Apostle John, we see John's

A Fresh Encounter2019-05-10T23:33:17-05:00