What does it mean to step out in Faith?

Faith in God as He has revealed Himself in the Bible is not without evidence.  Hebrews has told me that I am to be confident of the hope I have in Christ and to know the evidence of what I cannot see.  Since I cannot see God except in the person of Christ then I rely on what He has said as well as those who came before Him and believed He existed.  I find this spelled out for me in His Word.  Abraham was a man who knew God and his faith was credited to him as righteousness.  Abraham’s life was filled with the evidence of the existence of God and the frailty of men.  God took Abraham on a journey and Abraham moved with Him.

There are many Bible Studies available for us to use to learn and grow in our relationship with God…. This summer I worked through a unique study that was developed by LOGOS Bible Software and edited by Michael R. Grigoni.  It is perfect for a small group or a larger group.  The study is divided into eight lessons which is perfect for a church or a Christian school.  For the pastor there are preaching and sermon resources. For the small group leader/teacher there are preparatory materials that include Objectives, Videos, Slides for teaching, and integrated scripture.  As you read the commentary and the scripture you can work on integrated study questions that encourage understanding as well as action on the learner.

The framework for the study has six parts: Setting the Stage, A Closer Look, Throughout the Bible, Beyond the Bible, Application, and Further Reading.  Study Questions end three of the sections.  A Closer Look walks you through the main passages that concern Abraham’s life.  Throughout the Bible takes you to other places in the scripture that correspond to the period in Abraham’s life that is being studied.  Beyond the Bible gives you the extrabiblical historical evidence to grow your trust in the reliability of the Bible.  The Application section guides you through challenging truths to think about while you contemplate what you will do.   Further Reading points you to several annotated resources for your further understanding.  This structure assures your efforts of working with the Bible will grow you up in faith in God and His Word.  You will grow closer to Him by following God’s Promise with Abraham.

Who doesn’t need their faith to grow?.