The blessing of studying the Bible is found in a satisfying and personal relationship in Christ alone.  He is the center of all Truth.

In the Revelation given to the Apostle John, we see John’s first encounter with the Risen Christ as He walks among the Lampstands.  Jesus is revealed or “unveiled” as completely unique yet we find the words and descriptions deeply rooted in the Bible, both the Old and the New Testaments.  The results of the revelation are seen in the four visions found in the book, as well as in John’s written testimony.  Opening the book, reading and obeying it, promises a blessing.  The blessing is found when the believer hears with spiritual ears and takes the Words to heart in obedience. So how is one to read and study the Revelation of Jesus Christ?

Our study should reflect that a fresh encounter is in every word, every sentence, every verse, every paragraph, and every chapter. Each word is powerful in its meaning and its life-changing power.  The message  found is that God has a blessing and purpose for all who would believe.  That purpose is presented with literary fascination as a letter, as prophecy, as poetry, as hymnody, and as prayer.  John draws the believer into his thoughts with powerful imagery based on the Old Testament.  This God-Centered book teaches us from the very beginning that God is, was, and is to come.  He is triune, He is majestic, and He is holy.  God can be trusted because of who He is.  He gives us His perspective so that we will see with His eyes and have an eternal perspective in the midst of a temporary world.  We are saved for God’s glory. Our life can be found deeply satisfying and personal in a relationship with God in Christ alone.  How does that look in your life?

John brings us into the very presence of Jesus Christ as we face this fresh encounter with the living Christ.  John describes Jesus as someone like a son of man with a powerful voice dressed in white, clothed in majesty and glory.  John is borrowing from Daniel so that he can put into words what he sees, and even so, in His majesty.  The Bible keeps us on track by unveiling, disclosing, revealing the true Jesus, who He really is.  He is nothing like me, nothing like you.  Yet in all His stunning, radiant holiness, Jesus reaches out to touch John to speak to him, to comfort him, and to reassure him.  The lives of believers must be saturated in the divine presence of Jesus Christ.  In this way we maintain an eternal perspective with fresh encounters each time we study the Bible.

Ask God for a fresh perspective, a deeper revelation for your mind and heart as you study His word..