finding a voice…

Today I have been thinking about my voice. Have you ever lost yours? Elephants recognize each other by their voices… Sheep recognize their shepherd by their voices… I recognize my loved ones by their voices. There are various ways to define voice… as a noun…it can be a sound produced physically and uttered through your mouth (definitely a naturalist definition), it can be a particular opinion or attitude expressed, it can also be an ability to speak (rhetoric) or sing. As a verb, it is the act of expressing something in words… usually it concerns an expression. I am going with expression.

That brings me back to my voice. My voice is the expression of who I am. It identifies me to others, So how can my voice influence others and show them who I am? My text voice should be as easy to identify as my speaking voice. My voice needs to communicate my opinion about my life and ideas. How do I find my voice? I must know what my ideas are and be able to articulate them. (Wow that was a mouthful!)

God used His voice in the beginning and throughout time with His words. He stepped into time in the person of Jesus. After He made the expanse on the second day of His creation and separated water from water, He continued to use His voice to gather the water under the sky and form the elements together into dry ground or land. He also gathered the waters together and called them seas… It was good. God continued to paint His world into existence by bringing the lemon plants and orange trees out of the earth.He then made the squash and zucchini, the roses, the calla lilies, the peanuts, the “chocolate” plant, etc… Can you believe God’s Voice! I want that… Since I belong to Him, I can reflect Him. I can be creative and capture the World with the Truth and watch how His creative power transforms it. .

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