walking with the Truth…

The God of beginnings spread out the elements He created on the first day on His next day of creation. The expanse that He created helped to lay the foundations for the rest of His creation. This implies that the Creator has everything under His control. Forces of nature, enemies, creatures and other objects would threaten the God of the universe. Therefore nothing would be able to rattle anyone or anything that would serve and obey the Creator. Everything is subject to the Creator. So how can I reflect the Creator in the universe He made?

I am still pondering this idea. I believe that I must have knowledge of God, then knowledge of the World. I need to look at what other ideas are out there so that I can give a clear and well thought out response to those who may askā€¦. and for those who don’t ask. Everything God made was good and He made everything. So I know that there is good in all things, sure they are marred by the fall, but If I can find the good and show others, I can begin to engage the things of the world with the goal of transformation.

Hang on, I need your help.

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