Got your Bible glasses on?????

Have you ever wanted to change the world? Or maybe just make a difference right where you are?
I have… and I believe that as Christians we need to be working toward our own transformation… as well as the world around us… but where do we begin???? We must learn to lead with a biblical perspective… in other words… with our Bible glasses on. How do we do it? We lead. A transformed leader is someone who views the world from God’s perspective, who exercises her gifts and talents with excellence and perseverance, and who strategically plans to serve others along the way. Leaders go over the edge for other people. Jesus says that we are to serve. When we lead like Jesus we will be servant leaders. In doing so we show the world who Christ is and that He is in control. We can trust Him because He is all-powerful. Christians need to influence the world with a vision while they are plugged into the power source… who is Jesus. We should use the abilities that God has equipped us with. I was made for His pleasure and in His image. He is loving, creative, and personal. To be fully human is to be creative, reflective, intelligent, relational, and reasonable. I need to be the reflecton of God’s Glory… I am His masterpiece. Christians must learn to create culture instead of letting it create us. I must know Him so that I can know the kind of person I am supposed to be. I cannot really know myself, the world, or how I should live without knowing the One True Living God. If I am His, then I must reflect His likeness and His light. Light makes things clear… light dispels darkness. We must practice discernment… the best way to reflect Truth is to use the Light…. We must put our Bible glasses on and learn to discern. I must carefully engage the culture in order to transform it… help me be a person of deep faith… a fearless explorer… a creature that pursues Truth. I must have unshakeable faith… with new emotions, new thoughts, and new power…
Jesus changed the world, so can we!!!!.

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